Conversations happen on instruments and become songs... Sometimes these are recognised and gather a greater meaning... Some of the chats I have been lucky enough to have are now etched as song stories where more happens between the lyrics and music as the songs grow themselves... Sometimes songs reveal more of their character later...... They are all a gift, to me to you...... I hope you recognise them and where they take you...

Over the Moon

Over the Moon


Ree Liddell - Bio

It’s a resonator, a mandolin, it’s an acoustic guitar! Choose your song writing voice!

Ree Liddell writes songs: sceptical, ironic, thoughtful, satirical, sassy, playful, humorous and compassionate. The palate of human emotions is faceted through this one album: Over the Moon; procuring a plethora of styles from ambient, funky, blues, jazz through to a mongrel mix that is just plain quirky. It makes this album a unique reflection of the vast Australian and personal landscape Ree Liddell has travelled.

She is a Peninsula Artist who has moved around the nation – working, writing and performing; making life happen and writing it out in music that will sing to your psyche. Ree has performed on Festival stages and venues as far north as Cairns and as far south as Tasmania. She has played and toured with holycow bannd (not a typo) for the last five years in seven East Coast Tours. She also performs regularly with MoJo Pearls in and around the Peninsula. Playing three instruments, singing and song writing, Ree is fully committed to her musical life and now she is now putting the finishing touches on Over the Moon. This album has taken its own precious time to ripen and now it is all in the follow through: the launch tour which is spelling itself out in a creative celebration of songs and musicians who have given in some way to this project.

She has the backing of wonderful musicians such as Ian Treloar (9 string guitar synthesiser), Chris Haylock (drums), Tim Gordon (electric Bass), Pete Kaighin (double bass) and Sally Carter (electric violin). Playing solo, duo or with the band for the full dynamic experience.

Festivals of note:
Forest Festival, Tasmania
Apollo Bay Music Festival, Victoria
Lismore Music Festival, Northern NSW
Port Fairy Music Festival, Victoria
Yungaburra Music Festival, Queensland
Main Street Mornington Festival
East Coast Tours – destinations include - Albury, Sydney, Manly, Newcastle, Crescent Head, Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Macksville, Byron Bay, Bangalow, Brunswick Heads, Lenox Heads, Brisbane, Noosa.
Peninsula Wineries and venues – T’Gallant, Hickinbothams, Box Stallion, Pier 10, Veraison, Stoniers, Ranalagh Club, Haba, God’s Kitchen, Raffles, Heritage Tavern, Rye Wine Lounge, Trims Restaurant, Manyung Gallery.

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