Conversations happen on instruments and become songs... Sometimes these are recognised and gather a greater meaning... Some of the chats I have been lucky enough to have are now etched as song stories where more happens between the lyrics and music as the songs grow themselves... Sometimes songs reveal more of their character later...... They are all a gift, to me to you...... I hope you recognise them and where they take you...

Over the Moon

Over the Moon

Friday, 5 July 2013

Broome Tour Grounded

Due to surfing accident we've had to postpone the Broome Winter Tour:((((

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Today's MoJo Pearls ...5th of May '13

Playing a wedding at 10.30 on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula...then playing ambient background music at Pier 10 Winery Restaurant in Shoreham...

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Live and Local

Cultural project at the Frankston Library. Playing songs from Over the Moon, Sunday the 28th of April.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ranelagh Club Mt. Eliza

Music on the bay at the Ranelagh Club tomorrow at 4.30...3 Rosserdale Crescent  Mt Eliza VIC 3930...not easy to find without your, food and music while looking across at Melbourne Town. A phone call away at (03) 9787 0265.

Playing a gig at T'Gallant

An easy afternoon playing songs at T'Gallant on the deck as MoJo Pearls. Good people to play to. The staff were fantastic and the day a little chilled with great Pizza.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sunday 14th April Gigs

MoJo Pearls on Sunday 14th April - Baxter Community Family Day from 10am until 1pm then 2pm at Pier 10 Restaurant in Shoreham... how many ways you can chill to music:)...


MoJo Pearls at Trimms Restauraunt Friday the12th April. Food, wine and song...6 - 9pm...bring your relax mode... Point Nepean Road McCrae...

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ree at the Heritage

Yesterday, from paling lights of a summer day to a summer night of cooling breezes,
I had the pleasure of seeing Ree perform live for the first time.

She was singing and playing with MoJo Pearls at the atmospheric Heritage Tavern, Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula.
They played on what is commonly referred to as "the deck" - an indoor/outdoor dining experience next to the rambling cottage charm of the indoor restaurant.

They played a series of their own compositions from their journeys up and down the east coast of Australia.
Here was a mix of folk and jazz tones with a hearty brush of spunky rock for character.
While daylight lasted, the greens of the garden created a wonderful backdrop for their stage.

And when night fell, the magical lighting seemed in tune with the music.
It was then that Ree's song, my favourite song, Over the Moon emerged.
There was a kind of crystal wisdom in her voice that played the soul.

Ree has a few strings to her bow!


Thursday, 21 February 2013

The treasure in music...

(Click to enlarge + read the cryptic descriptions of the songs)

Over the Moon CD has been a work in progress.
So many things have happened in the last few years that have stopped the CD from completion. 
This is one of the inside concertinas. 
It is a treasure map. 
The child like seek for the treasure...the process that that leads to each song. 

Enjoy these snippets...they are song stories and a doorway to each song. 
Not all of the songs are accessible as yet...